Christmas Traditions

With the arrival of Avery, Jeremy and I have decided it was time to set some Christmas traditions.  We both have so many wonderful memories from our childhood that are centered around family traditons that we wanted the same for Avery and any future children we have.  One of Jeremy’s greatest childhood Christmas memories include the yearly treck to Galehouse Tree Farm to cut down their live Christmas tree.  So this year, with Avery in tow, we continued this wonderful tradition.  The only difference is that we didn’t drive our tree through the carwash!  We also added our own little spin by picking out an ornament from their gift shop to add to the tree.  Each year we will add a new one.  As Avery gets older she will be able to help pick out the new ornament.  Once we got the tree home, we all decorated it together.  Well being only 3 months, Avery mostly watched but she was facinated with the garland and lights!  The results are pretty great! 


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