Christmas Traditions: Cookie Baking/Exchange

Another tradition has been established this year, group cookie baking/exchange!  All the ladies in our family got together to bake cookies and do a cookie exchange.  We each made different cookie batters and brought them to my Aunt Judy’s house.  There we rolled out, pressed, cut out and piped until we couldn’t see straight!  It was so much fun.  We told stories, laughed till our sides hurt, nibbled on cookies and worked until every part of us was covered in some kind of cookie batter.  I think I even found some gingerbread cookie dough in Avery’s hair last night!  Just another night of making memories.

My sister Liz mixing up some yummy fudge.
Gingerbread men marching across our cookie pans.
Here I am piping chocolate dough for my mint chocolate sandwich cookies.
Angie and Renee making Santa's Surprise Cookies.
Grandma giving Avery her "first" chocolate.

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