Knitted Fingerless Gloves

I decided to try some homemade gifts for Christmas this year.  I really enjoyed the process and it seemed people were happy with the outcome too!  One gift I made were fingerless gloves.  No not the kind with ten finger holes but ones that fit over your hands like a mitten with no top.  I got the idea from Martha Stewards “Living” magazine.  Her January edition had a whole section on making knitted items from just a simple rectangle.  I adapted it to my needs and have learned that depending on the size of the hands, you may need to add a stitch or two. The end product is super cute!

Here is how I did it.

I used size 9US needles and medium weight yarn (Vanna White by Lion Brand, yes that’s right Vanna makes yarn!)

Cast on 36 st (here is where you would adjust.  For larger hands cast on 1 or 2 st more, smaller 1 or 2 less. Leave a 10in tail at the end)

1st row: Knit all sts. 

Rows 2-62: Knit . (62 rows brings you roughly 2 inches passed the wrist.  Add rows for a longer glove, cute with crop sleeved coats or capes)

Bind off leaving a 10in tail

This produces a simple rectangle that will make up the glove.  Do this 2 times to create 2 rectangles.

Fold the rectangle length wise.

Stitch along the seam; 3in from the top and stop (I used the tail of the yarn left from casting on).

Because I did a shorter glove than was suggested in the article my measurements were not the same so I put the glove on after stitching the first three inches to see where my thumb hit.  Using the rows as a guide I would stitch until I reached just above the thumb and then knotted off.  I then picked up stitching from the bottom using the 10in tail I had left.  Stopping after stitching 4 inches to see how far to the thumb.  I worked my way up until I had made a comfortable thumb hole and knotted off the bottom section.  Voila you have a fingerless glove!

After making this pair of gloves I have come up with some ideas on how to make it even cuter!  Sweet buttons along the side can add a simple but pretty detail to the glove.  You can also close the gloves with a coordinating yarn for a pop of color.  You can also switch colors and make stripes.  Make it your own!


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