My 1st sewing project

I have done it.  I have completed (with the help of my mom) my first sewing project in 17 years.  That is right I did it (insert applause here)!!!  I was going to make some place mats but instead chose to make a table runner (thanks to my sister for encouraging the change).  I had purchased this fabric roughly a year ago with the idea that I would one day turn it into something cool.  Most of what I imagined making was well above my skill level, so the fabric just sat in a bag.  As I was pondering what to give my friends for Christmas, I remembered this fabric and decided it needed to become a gift for someone.  After roping in my mom to help me, we came up with a pretty simple pattern for a table runner.  It is as follows:

Materials needed:

1 1/2 yds of fabric (mine was a home decor fabric but you can use any cotton fabric)

(You may need more or less depending on the length of your table)

3/4 yd of coordinating fabric

1 spool coordinating thread

stitch witchery

tape measure/ruler



sewing machine



Pre-wash fabric and press.  

Cut the desired length of the main fabric based upon your table length.  Mine measured a yard and a half.  

Cut the coordinating fabric in half length wise.  We folded it in fours, measured half way and cut through all layers of the fabric with a rotary cutter.  

 Unfold, match up with end of main panel.  Right sides facing, pin.  You may need to trim to make even.

 Stitch (backstitching at the beginning and end), using the foot of your sewing machine as your seam allowance.  Repeat on opposite end.

 Time to press!  Press the seams flat to one side.  

Fold the entire piece length-wise, right side in and pin.  

Measure half way down the length of the fabric, mark it with a pin.  

Measure and inch out from either side of the mark.  We marked this with the same colored pin head.

 This will create the gap to pull your fabric through to the right side.

 Backstitch, continue stitching using your foot as you seam guide.

Sew to the first colored pin marker, backstitch.  

Continue sewing after the second colored pin marker, backstitch, sew to the end.  

 Place the seam you just sewed in the middle of the runner.  Press the seam to one side.  

Clip the corners of the runner above the stitching.  This will help the corners to turn out correctly.  

Pull the runner right side out.  Make sure the seam is running down the middle of the back of the runner.

Press the entire runner.

Cut a piece of stitch witchery that will fit in the gap left in the seam.  Press according to the package instructions.  

The runner is complete!  To finish it further you could do a decorative stitch around each side of the runner.

I hopefully will be adding pictures soon but they are currently trapped on my new camera!

Happy sewing!


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