Homemade vs. Pre-made Baby Food

Well little Miss Avery has made the giant leap into solid foods.  It is time to bust out the rain poncho and drop cloth!

Oh my that is good!

When I was pregnant I had all these ideas about making my own baby food.  Now that I am back to work and have little time to do the dishes or clean the house, I am wondering if I can be organized enough to make baby food.  I really want to be able to feed Avery food that I know won’t be full of junk or artificial stuff.  I know there are many organic baby food options out there but the price is high.  So here I am.  Standing at the fork in the road.  I am facing toward the homemade  route and would really like to make a go of it.  So here is yet another adventure I am going to embark on.  Hopefully Avery will be happy with the results!


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