Perfect Pork Chops!

Dinner tonight was perfect!  Well balanced, tasty and filling.  We had Jeremy’s aunt over for dinner and I made the perfect boneless pork chops.  I am notorious for drying out all my pork chops and I have finally found a recipe (Thank you Foodnetwork and Pam Anderson!) that makes the juiciest chops.  I paired my chops with a baked potato and steamed peas.

Here’s how I did it.


4- 1 in. thick boneless pork chops

2 tbsp of butter

2 tbsp of olive oil

1/4 c of flour


What you do:

Heat the oil and butter in a pan on low heat.  While the butter is melting, season the chops with salt and pepper and dredge in the flour.  Once the butter is melted, turn the heat up to medium-high and wait for the butter to foam and start to smell nutty.  Add the dredged chops to the pan and cook about 3 minutes on each side.

What results are the juiciest pork chops ever!  I served my with a baked potato that I rubbed with olive oil and roasted for an hour at 450 degrees.  I also steamed 3 cups of frozen petite peas and tossed with a little butter and salt.

Wonderful!  I will never make pork chops another way.  I would have taken pictures of it but we were too hungry!


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