Knitted Baby Hat

I have finished my second knitting project!  Avery’s winter hat.  It is simple and sweet!

Here’s how I made it.


Size 9 US needles

1 skein of any color baby soft yarn by Vanna White for Lion Brand (I used fuchsia and purple)

*optional contrasting color for stitching and closing of the top

large eye plastic darning/sewing needle


You will make two of these rectangles.

Cast on 36 sts (Avery is 5 months old and this fits her head perfectly)

Row 1: knit

Rows 2-42: knit

Bind off, weave in tails

Once you have both rectangles completed stitch the sides together.

I chose to do an X stitch in a contrasting color to give the hat more interest.

Once you have attached both sides, you are going to weave a double stand of yarn ( I used a 48 inch piece folded in half) around the top of the hat to close the hole.

Pull to cinch the top closed.

Tie off with a knot.

At this point I trimmed the yarn tails to a manageable length and braided them to create a tassel.

There it is a warm winter hat made by your own hands!

Happy knitting!


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