Blog Idea Notebook

The creative bug strikes again!  After making my knitting and sewing binders I had a hankering to use up more of my scrapbook paper collection ( can you hear my husband cheering in the background?).  I decided I needed a blog idea notebook.  There have been times that I have been out and about and an idea hits.  I jot down my notes on a random piece of paper that, inevitably, I lose.  Now I have to remember what it was I wanted to write about, which is quite the feat since having a baby.  So to combine necessity with creativity, I took a simple composition notebook and transformed it into (if I do say so myself) a work of art.  If you want to make your own…

Here’s what you need:

composition book

2-5 coordinating scrapbook pages


double-sided tape





Here’s what I did:

I took a 12×12 sheet of paper and trimmed it to fit my notebook. I then glued it into place, making sure that it was as even as possible.

As you can see it is short but no worries there is an easy fix for that.

I picked a coordinating page to cover the area left by the focus paper.  I like my printed pages to have a nice visual contrast.

What is a scrapbook project without a little ribbon?  I had on hand a thin black satin ribbon.  I measure it out to be 24 inches in length.

I attached it using double-sided tape strips that I cut to the width of the ribbon.

I wanted to title my notebook.  I chose three coordinating papers to make a tag.  I stacked them and attached them with the double-sided tape.

I then attached a flower with a small brad to the tag.

I liked my blog journal so much, I decided to make a smaller version for my stitch counter book for knitting.  Now my thoughts and notes have a home that is both functional and beautiful!  Make one of your own and let me know how it turns out!

Go and Create, Rachel


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