Valentine’s Craft for the Grandparents

I wanted to do something special for Avery’s first Valentine’s day.  So my sister and I came up with a really sweet and pretty simple treasure-keepsake for my parents and for Jeremy’s.  A foot print card.  Interestingly enough, I enlisted the help of my mother for this craft!  I didn’t tell her what I was doing with it but she does know that she will be getting one.   This was defiantly a 3 person craft!  One to hold the baby (grandma), one to hold the feet(me) and one to take pictures(my sister).  It turned out pretty great!  Here’s what we did.

We painted the bottoms of Avery’s feet with read finger paint.  She was not a happy camper!  It was a little cold, oops!

After several trial-and-errors, I discovered you get really good prints when you do only 1 foot at the time.


She has such sweet foot prints!

I raided my scrapbook stash again for some red/love theme paper.  I also pulled a couple of poems off the internet about growing up to add to the card.

Here is the final results!  I put their names at the top, Avery’s at the bottom, her age and the year.

I also made one for Avery’s baby book!


What fun Valentine crafts do you do with your kids?

Go and Create!



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