Tag Blanket- A Sensory Toy for Baby

Why do we spend so much money on these really cool baby toys when all the babies seem to care about are the tags on the bottom?  This is definitely the case with Avery and all her stuffed animals currently littering the floor of our living room. You hand her the toy and immediately she finds the tag and shoves it in her mouth.  She loves the feel of the smooth fabric against her poor swollen gums.  So instead of Avery sucking on a tag with printing and who knows what other chemicals, my solution is to make my own “tag”  sensory blanket.  I know they have these in the stores but I just wasn’t willing to pay $20 for something I could make for much less.  I was on a mission to make this blanket and make it on a budget.  A couple of fat quarters later and some pretty ribbon and I had a tag blanket!  In all, the ribbon cost me the most, but I was able to spend $12 on everything.  This will make me several blankets, plus have ribbon left over for any other projects I might whip up! If you would like to make your own tag blanket…

Here’s what you need…

2- 12’x12′ squares of coordinating fabric ( I chose a really soft minky and a cotton)

4-5 different types, colors and widths of ribbon (I used all satin finish because that is what Avery loves)

thread, scissors, sewing machine, pins

Here’s what you do…

Prewash fabric to avoid shrinkage in a later washing.  Cut fabrics pieces to 12″x12″ squares and cut your ribbon into 5″ strips.  You will need somewhere between 16-18 strips of ribbon.

Once you have your fabrics cut to size, place the squares right sides together.  As you can see, I did a decorative detail on the front of mine by sewing a strip of the cotton polka dot fabric to the soft, hot pink fuzzy fabric.

Fold your ribbons in half, place them in between the two squares of fabric with the cut sides sticking out (when you turn your work inside out the ribbon loops will be showing and the cut ends will be hidden inside) and pin in place.

I pinned mine down towards the middle so I wouldn’t have to remove pins while sewing.  Continue pinning, making sure you evenly space your ribbons on each side.  Your measurements will vary depending on the widths of your ribbon.

Start sewing just before the first ribbon on your starting side.  Use the presser foot as your seam allowance.  Don’t forget to double stitch at the beginning.  Over each ribbon section make sure you double stitch several times (3-5) to make sure the ribbon won’t pull out when chewed or tugged on.  Continue sewing the blanket, making sure not to go all the way to the end of the fabric.  At each corner, with the needle in the fabric, lift the foot and pivot the fabric to start the new side.  On the fourth side, between the two middle ribbons leave a space.  This is where you will turn your blanket right side out.  You will need to double stitch before and after the space to prevent the thread from pulling out.  Continue sewing to the end and cut the thread.

Pull your fabric through the hole you left between the two ribbons until your blanket is right side out.  You can hand stitch or machine stitch the opening closed.  And there she is!  A lovely little blanket your baby will love to chew on! My Avery can’t get enough of her’s!

Go and Create!



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