Mommy/Household Tip #1: Baking Soda

Why is it that baby food, whether homemade or store bough, stains so badly? Don’t get me started on formula! A week after she was born, I went to my mother complaining of the stains Avery’s formula had left on her clothing (at the time I was using the liquid formula and that stuff is horrible to get out). She offered this tip: Baking Soda. Apparently this stuff is magic in a box. You can use it for so many practical things!

1.) Mix it with your laundry detergent to create a paste and it becomes the most amazing stain remover. I soaked some cream colored clothing that got red color transfer on them in this mixture and hot water for a couple of hours and it came out! Bye, bye formula and baby food stains!

2.) Mix it with salt and warm water and snort it for a quick homemade saline mixture to clean out sinus and possibly prevent a sinus infection. Use slightly warmed water to equal parts salt and baking soda (we use a teaspoon)

3.) Mix it with white vinegar and you have a powerful drain cleaner. It is environmentally friendly and it won’t rot the pipes!

4.) Mix it with water and create a paste to clean tarnished silver jewlery or other silver objects.

5.) Mix a teaspoon in your shampoo to remove product build up from your hair. (Discovery Health)

6.) Make a paste with water to remove food odors from your hands! You might also find it softens your hands too! (Discovery Health)

7.) You can also use the water/baking soda paste to ease a sunburn! (Discovery Health)

This is one way to save a little money and get the same or better results than the costly counter solutions! I now keep several boxes of baking soda on hand for all kinds of needs!

Go and Create!



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