Recycled Bottle Cap Frame

For some reason my husband has been “collecting” the caps of his beer bottles in his golf bag.  I asked him why he was doing that and he didn’t really know.   So I informed him that the “collection” now belonged to me :).  I told him that I would create something beautiful with them.  He laughed and said “Have at it!”

So what does one do with old metal bottle caps?  You decorate a frame of course!  I picked up a few essentials for my project but had a lot of it here at the house.  I had also just gotten my photos of Avery’s 3 month photo shoot back (yes I realize that she is 6 months old and they had just gotten them back 2 weeks ago) from the printer.  I decided that I would make a frame for her room.  The results are wonderful!  A little girly, a little shabby chic and all kinds of cute.

If you would like to make a recycled bottle cap frame…

Here’s what you need…

old metal bottle caps, beer and pop work the best (the number you will need depends on the size of frame you are doing.  I painted 20 but only needed 18)

Krylon spray paint or any paint that works on metal

an unfinished wooden frame (you can get these at any craft store)

hot glue gun/ hot glue

craft paint, color of your choice

paint brush

glitter (optional)


coordinating letter stickers

Here’s what you do…

Spray paint the bottle caps in a well ventilated area.

It was 70 degrees yesterday so I was able to spray mine outside in the sun.  I needed two coats on the top and one on the bottom to cover completely.  While your caps are drying, paint the frame.

I wanted a little something extra for my frame so I added glitter into the paint.  It is neater way to work with glitter.   Paint the entire frame and let it dry.  Next, when both pieces are dry, hot glue the caps onto the frame.

Then use your stickers to decorate the bottle caps.

I chose to write “Little Girl” because that is one of the pet names I use for Avery and well she is a little girl :).  I added a pretty ribbon that pulls in the colors from the frame, photo and her room.  T

here you have it.  A pretty little frame for a pretty little girl!

Go and Create!



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