Pumpkin Sugar Toast and Other Random Thoughts

It is the week before Easter, which also happens to be my husband’s birthday.  I am already planning the Easter/birthday meal that we will have next Sunday.  Once again pintrest has come in handy with a yummy and simple cake truffle recipe.  Don’t worry I will give you full details soon!  I have also been on a hunt for cute Easter-y things for Avery.  These bunny ears from Target are her first “First Easter” purchase.

So cute!

I have also invented (ok so I am sure someone out there has probably done this before but I shall take credit :)) a yummy new version of cinnamon sugar for you toast…pumpkin pie spice and sugar toast!  It is so warm and yummy.

I have had it everyday this week…I am slightly addicted.  If you would like to make pumpkin sugar toast…

Here’s what you need…

pumpkin pie spice

sugar (I used one Truvia packet)



Here’s what you do…

Toast your bread.  Add desired amount of butter.  In a small bowl, add a tablespoon of each: pumpkin pie spice and sugar.  Sprinkle on butter toast.  Shake to remove excess.  Eat!

This weekend also held a benefit run/walk (in my case!) for a local catholic high school and Habitat for Humanity which was in honor of my Uncle Frank, who had passed away from a heart attack two weeks before Christmas.

Angie (sister-in-law), Liz (sister), Jaxen, Mom, Me and Avery is hanging in her stroller

We had a blast!  It was freezing but we walked the 3 miles from beginning to end (include a crazy hard hill that I had to push a stroller up!)

Liz and Jaxen
Mom and Ang (who is currently prego with a little girl!)
While on the walk...Avery is peeking out of her cocoon!

Then our gang went out to brunch to celebrate our accomplishment.

Jaxen teaching Avery to play Angry Birds

Jaxen decided to teach Avery how to play Angry Birds.  Do you think 7 months is too early to learn to play Angry Birds?

Jax didn’t think so!

It was a great start to the weekend.  Hope yours is equally wonderful!

Go and Create!



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