Avery’s Dedication and Party Ideas

My baby girl was dedicated today at church.

Family (out-of-towners and all) and friends came to witness us  dedicate Avery to the Lord.

It was a wonderful day and we followed up with a picnic celebration at my parent’s house.  Because so many people were coming we decided to do a pot luck kind of thing.  We gave a person an area( fruit, veggies, chips and dip, etc.)  to bring to the picnic. They were very creative with what they brought.  My sister-in-law made a wonderful fruit salad and used the watermelon rind as the bowl.  Very cute and added such a pop to the table.  We grilled out chicken hotdogs (you would never know the difference!) and had sloppy joes made in the crock pot.  We put it on low a couple of hours before the party and it was hot and ready when it was time to eat.

It was fun and easy and had a little something everyone could enjoy.

The star was the cake I decorated for the occasion.

I got the idea from Parents.com and it could not be simpler.  I wanted something fun and this cake really was a hit!  If you would like to make a similar cake…

Here’s what you need…

a large sheet cake frosted in vanilla frosting (we bought an all natural cake and frosting mix doubled it and made it in an extra-large cake pan)

3 medium to large lollipops

6 spearmint leaves

3 green Twizzlers or licorice sticks

2-4 yellow jellybeans

2-4 black jellybeans

chocolate sprinkles

a pair of new tweezers (sterilized)

Here’s what you do…

Place the lollipops on the cake.  I put my cake vertical for the height.  Then place the green Twizzler on the stick of the lollipop and press it on the stick as well as into the cake.  Add the spearmint leaves at different levels, to mimic a real flower.  Place the yellow jellybeans near and “on” the flower (lollipop).  These will be your bees.  Cut a black jellybean in half with a pair of scissors. Place them on the sides of the yellow jellybeans.  I made my bees look like they were flying with their wings back.  To make a flight trail for the bee,  place chocolate sprinkles swirling around the cake in loops and coming down off the sides.  I put the sprinkles on with the tweezers.  This makes it much easier.  This part is a little time-consuming but not too bad.  You can be as simple as you want or as elaborate.  Have fun with it!  This cake could be great for any special occasion you might have like birthdays or just a fun picnic sweet!

It was a special day for our family and the memories we will have are so precious.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We did!

Go and Create!



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