The Breakfast of Champions

I am a bit of a breakfast snob.  I never have time for it (bad me I know) but when I do I want to eat something good.  The other morning I was tempted by laziness to just throw toast in the toaster and be done with it.  But know I am limiting my carbs I decided to go for the eggs.  Well once I had decided that I knew I just couldn’t have eggs.  My sausage, parmesan and spinach eggs turned out great!  I have a  feeling I will make these again!  If you would like to make sausage, parmesan and spinach eggs…

Here’s what you need…

3 eggs

a handful of fresh spinach (roughly 1/2 cup)

2 turkey sausage patties or link, fully cooked

1 garlic clove, minced

a couple of tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese (I just added till I was happy)

salt and pepper

extra virgin olive oil

Here’s what you do…

Heat a pan over medium heat.  Add in the olive oil, allow to heat through.  Add in the onion and allow to soften, about 3-4 minutes.  Add in sausage to the pan to heat through and brown.  Add in the garlic, cook for 1 minutes.  Toss in the spinach leaves.  Stir and allow to wilt.  Season with a little salt and pepper.  In a separate bowl crack the eggs one at a time.  Whisk to combine, add just a splash of water for fluffy-ness.  Add the eggs to the wilted spinach mixture.  Stir to combine.  Cook for 3 minutes or until your eggs are cooked mostly through, add in the cheese to melt and finish cooking the eggs.  I don’t like wet scrambled eggs but you can cook yours to your preference.

I felt a little like Popeye!  Strong and ready for the day.  It kept me full well past my normal lunch time.  I hope you enjoy!

Go and Create!



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