Father’s Day Memories

What a busy weekend, Father’s day was.  Not only was it Jeremy’s first Father’s Day, it was my dad’s birthday.  So we had a combo party.  We started our morning with church and then back to my parent’s house for lunch.  It was BYOB: Bring Your Own Beef :).  It was grilled steaks and mashed potatoes, the perfect guy meal!

For Father’s Day I was hitting the wall in the gift department.  What do you give a man on his first Father’s Day?  I wanted it to memorable and fun.  First thing I got was a wallet.  Something he needed and wanted, so I knew he would like it.  The second part of his gift was a little harder to figure out.  Enter Pinterest!  That site is a plethora of wonderful ideas and this was no exception.

I found a SuperHero Gift Basket.  The original idea comes from here.  They even provide the pdf file so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.    My sister loved the idea too so we made it for both Jeremy and my father.

They were a big hit!  I have no idea how we will follow up next year?!

I will keep you posted 🙂

Go and Create!



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