Beach Vacation Breakfast

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Well we are starting our second week of vacation and it has been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post until today!  Weirdly enough one of my favorite things to do on vacation is make breakfast.  One morning I made pancakes with a yummy nectarine maple topping.  It was so good!  Normally I make scratch pancakes, but on vacation we go simple with a box mix.  The topping is what made this taste so good!  I bought fresh nectarines and sliced them up for a quick warm topping for the pancakes.

If you would like to make my nectarine topping…

Here’s what you need…

2-4 nectarines (one per person)



maple syrup

Here’s what you do…

Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium low heat.  Add in the sliced nectarines and sprinkle with sugar.  Cook until softened. Now at this point you can cook them down just as they are or add in the maple syrup, which is what I did.  Cook for just a minute or two and serve immediately over pancakes or waffles.

This is also Avery’s first vacation to the beach!


We spent the first week at Bethany Beach in Delaware.  Her first experience with sand was something to watch.  She loved it!


She would get so excited that she would squeeze the sand in her hands and squeal then let it go…that is until she realized she could put it in her mouth!  Yuck!

She also loved the water.  All the babies I have been to the beach with were not fans of the ocean or the sound.  Avery didn’t seem to notice.  That’s my girl!


We also went to Dogfish Head Brew Pub for lunch while out shopping.

My husband was in heaven.

Avery seemed happy there too, but not because of the beer just the coasters.

Our first week was fun but exhausting…always so busy.

Back Camera

This week we are in the Outerbanks.  This is our favorite place to be.  I will hopefully get another chance to sit and blog again before the end of the week.  Hope your summer days are going well.  We are really enjoying ours!

Go and Create!



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