Recycling an Old Metal Shelf for only $35

As the commercial says… having a baby changes everything!  This includes the accumulation of stuff!  Now that Avery is walking there is also a need for things to be up and out-of-the-way of little hands.  I also know that with her first birthday looming, our home will explode with even more toys.  It just so happened that my wonderful aunt was able to get me a 4 foot metal shelf for only $20!  Looking at it got my create juices flowing.

Because let’s be honest, there was no way that ugly thing was going in my living room as it was.  Enter 3 cans of spray paint and a little elbow grease.

The shelf was reborn with its new coat of paint.

I wanted to improve it even more by adding a wall decal I got at a local craft store for only $2!

I think it really finished it off.  For $35 all of Avery’s toys have a home and so do my knitting/sewing books as well as my basket of knitting projects.

It really finishes the room I think!  It has really spurred me on to find other storage/furniture/decor solutions that reuse and recycle items needing a little TLC.

Go and Create!



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