Where Has the Time Gone?

Hello dear friends.  I am sorry for my month-long absence.  Not long after my last post I taught a grad class at my alma mater (all about the 5 pillars of reading) and then had to prep for my return to the classroom after a long and amazing summer with my Avery (Yes that is a Target shopping cart and yes we spent a lot of time there this summer). 

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and they included Avery’s first birthday and party which I will be posting soon!  My little baby is no longer a baby.  You know you have transitioned when your Baby Center app cuts you off! 

 Jeremy and I also celebrated our 4th anniversary.  Can I just say it feels a lot longer than 4 years?  In a good way, I mean :)!

I will also be celebrating my birthday tomorrow.  It is not a significant one but I just love birthdays (especially mine 🙂 ). 

The reason I share this is because I have lots of fun things planned this week and I am not sure when I will have a moment to sit and write.  I have lots of great recipes and ideas just waiting to be written up and shared.  I promise they are coming!  Keep checking back. 

I have to admit I have missed this writing time.  It is a chance for me to be me.  Not “mama”, “Mrs. Miller”, “teacher” or “hey honey”.  I can share my thoughts and ideas and know that someone out there is listening and will respond (unlike my husband who uses the pat answer of “whatever you want to do.” Ugh!). 

So my dear friends, thank you for giving me an outlet and for joining me on this journey.  It has almost been a year since I started!  Amazing!

Hope you have a wonderful week and I promise I will give you some yummy recipes and really cool, inexpensive gift ideas for the upcoming season!

Go and Create!



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