Fall Fun

How did it come to be November?  I am so busy with school work that I haven’t found time to do the things I love to do…blog.  I have to say though I made it a priority to do fun fall things with Avery, including her 1 year photo shoot in a pumpkin patch!  Here is a brief retrospect of all our fall fun.

We started out with an apple festival at our local apple orchard.  The pony ride was a big hit with Jaxen!


Avery got so excited to see the ponies we knew that she had to ride too!

We put Avery and Jaxen on together…so stinkin’ cute!


Next on our agenda was the pumpkin patch.  I have some pictures further down (wanted to save the best for last).  The pumpkins we picked up turned into wonderful jack-o’ lantern’s!  Avery and Jaxen were very unsure about the pumpkin guts!


Back Camera

They would only stick their hands in once… I tried to get Avery to pull out some seeds and she ran away crying.  Chicken!  Our carved pumpkin turned out pretty cute!  It took me awhile but I am pretty proud of it!


We also had a visit to the zoo for “Boo at the Zoo.”  Avery went as a scarecrow.  I am also proud to say I made her costume, the hat included!  Thank you Pinterest for the lovely idea!  I love this picture of our whole family.  We are too cute!



Avery had this serious face on for most of the day.  She was very serious about her trick-or-treating.

Back Camera


Here are my favorite pictures from Avery’s 1 year photo shoot at the pumpkin patch.  I am so glad we waited!


She insisted on trying to pull the wagon.  My very independent girl!


She did not want to let that little pumpkin go.  It ended up coming home with us.


I absolutely love this picture of us.  We are both smiling and neither of us have a weird look on our face!  My baby girl!



It has been a great fall so far.  I am excited because this year I am cooking my first Thanksgiving meal!  I will keep you updated on the recipes I pick and how the big day goes!

Have a happy and fun fall.  May you have many wonderful memories to give thanks for this holiday season.

Go and Create!



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