Christmas in Review


I love Christmas!  Especially Christmas Eve.  I love getting dressed up, the candle light service and just the feeling of anticipation you get waiting for the morning.


We got some really great pictures taken that night.


We clean up pretty good!

However, nothing beats a 16 month old on Christmas morning!


She went to town ripping open gifts.  She was excited about everything!  Here she got her own cell phone. (This was the only picture I could find that was blurry from her moving so fast!)


This was also the Christmas of Little People.  She got the entire nativity set from Jeremy’s side of the family and the Little People doll house from my side.  My floor will never look the same!

I made it my goal to make a portion of all the gifts I gave out this year.  I am especially proud of the Ohio State wreath I made for my sister-in-law.


I think it turned out pretty great!

I also knitted a lot of scarfs.  Here is my mother-in-law modeling hers.


Breakfast is really important on Christmas and this year we did a Cinnamon Roll casserole that was killer!  Thank you Pinterest! (recipe to follow!)


It has been a wonderful end to the year.  With all the good times we have had this year, I am excited to see what next year holds for us.  I hope that all your holidays have been as merry and bright as ours! See ya next year!


Go and Create!



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