It’s Saturday!

I love Saturday!  I get to sleep in (as much as Avie will let me) and hang out in my pj’s until I feel the need for a shower, cook breakfast and just relax.  Today is one of those perfect kind of days.  It is sunny out (a walk might be in order even though it is a little cold out), I feel rested and currently it is nap time!  Our first attempt at nap time was interesting.  Here’s what I found when I went in to check on why there was so much yelling (not crying) and pounding.


Apparently, the off the shoulder look is back in style for nap time! Bahaha!  Second time was what a nap time should be…quiet!  Nap time equals Mommy time! So, I have decided today is a work- on- Avie’s- baby- book kind of day.  I recently printed a bunch of pictures that I had from all the major events of the past year.  I decided I needed to add them to the book before they got lost or I used them in a different project, forgetting they were for the book.

I used to scrapbook but it is very time-consuming and well…I kinda got over it.  I still have lots of supplies which serve me well in all my other crafting endeavors. Her book gives a nice lay out but I kinda just stick stuff in where I want.  I especially love the back pages where I add random photos with captions and other fun notes of what she is doing during that month and year.  I want Avery to have something to look back on and read my hand written notes and see the things we did together as a family.


During this time I also decided to make my new favorite drink…pomegrant -lime fizz.  It is delicious and very good for you!


I even put it in my fancy lemonade glasses just to make it seem that much more special.  This would be fantastic in the summer!  Leave it to me to come up with this stuff on a 25 degree day!  If you want to try my fizz…

Here’s what you need:

pomegranate juice (get the pure, no sugar added kind. I used POM)

flavored club soda/sparkling water (mine was a mandarin orange one I got at Trader Joe’s but berry or lemon would be good too)

lime juice

Here’s what you do:

Make sure that all the juice is chilled.  You want it cold, cold, cold.  I am going to be honest and say I didn’t measure.  I eyeballed it but the ratio would be 1/3 cup pom juice to 2/3 cup club soda/sparkling water and a splash of lime juice about a half a lime.  Taste and adjust from there.  Just to warn you this not sweet.  The Pom juice has some sweetness to it but it is more tart than anything.  I love it!  You can add sweetener if you want it less tart.

Hope you enjoy and happy Saturday!

Go and Create!



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