Valentine Fun


Happy Valentine’s day!  I have to admit I am a huge fan :).  I love the colors and cute cards that line the story shelves.  I really love the creative treats that are all over Pinterest!  Holidays always seem to get the crafty in me going.  So I decided to be creative for Avery’s Valentines for all the kiddos at her babysitters.  I am going to admit that these did not turn out as cute as I had pictured in my head.  Most of this has to do with the fact I could not find my icing tips!  I have no idea where those things went!  Argh!  So I had to resort to a plastic ziplock bag which just came out too thick.  Oh well my intentions were good and I know the kids won’t care because it is frosting covered rice krispies treats!


I decided to go with a conversation heart as my inspiration.  I also happened to find lollypop sticks and thought they would be cute as a pop!


I also did some smaller hearts and just covered those suckers with frosting. YUM!

Hope the kids like them!

Did you guys do anything creative or out of the ordinary for your Valentine treats?

Go and Create!



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