My Mirror


I have been a mother for 18 months.  Or should I say for only 18 months.  Motherhood is an incredible journey.  Everyday I learn new things, see new things (most of which you would not care to hear about nor would I care to relive) and realize (for the 1000th time) that there is a small person who is part…well… me.

photo 5

My small person has entered the toddler years.  I am sure that if I could see my natural hair color under all the dye, it would be gray.  Or have one of those streaks of white like people who have gone through a traumatic event.  Either way, infancy in no way prepares you for the toddler years.  Don’t get me wrong, Avery is sooo much fun right now.  Her language skills are really exploding (some times literally like when she yells BUTT at the top of her lungs), she is going through a growth spurt (I swear those pants just fit), she’s responding to directions like a champ and she knows how to throw a mean tantrum.  What I have forgotten about (mostly because when she is doing it she is quite) is that she watches everything.  She has really taken to mirroring my behaviors, not her fathers, mine.  Here are a few examples.

I have a slight purse/ bag obsession… I love them!

photo 4-1

It would seem it is genetic.  And yes that is my lunch bag.

photo 3-1

If you thought I staged it… here is another example her father took while I was at work.  Apparently the hat finished off the outfit.

Also, while out shopping for a birthday gift I gave Avery the glasses to hold.  Don’t freak out they are plastic (don’t you love them!).

photo 1-1

She knew just what to do.  I swear I don’t drink that much wine.  Just a glass here and there but it doesn’t take much to make an impression on an impressionable mind.

She is pretty cute though.  My friend commented that it was very House Wives of Beverly Hills.  Having never watched the show, I can only imagine!

photo 2-1

Overall, I find my little mirror cute.  However, it does make me stop and think about what I want my daughter to see.  If she is following my actions, what do I want those to be?  It really got me thinking.  I need to make sure that what I show her is how I would want her to act.  Am I reflecting kindness, compassion, grace and love?   My little baby whose head used to follow me as I moved across the room is now a little girl who is following in my footsteps.  It’s a big job/responsibility.  Thank goodness I am following in some heavenly footsteps.

Have you ever caught your kid mirroring you?  Were you surprised?


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