Saturday Fun and Super Hoagies


This has been a crazy week! My husband had the second of two surgeries.  This one was on his knee.  This left me running around caring for him, caring for Avery, caring for the house and working my full-time job ( you know the one outside the house).  Needless to say I am pooped! This weekend could not have come sooner. I really wanted to just sit on my butt all day but I needed to get Avery some bigger clothes.  She had a major growth spurt (90th percentile!).  Poor thing has floods for pants! I found some really cute stuff at a local consignment shop. I am telling you that is the only way to shop for little people clothes!


She looks so big! She was such a ham while she posed for me.


We had a really nice day but by the end I was tired….really tired.  I was not in the mood to cook so…. I pulled out one of my fondest childhood memories. Make your own hoagie night!


I can still remember the fun of making my own sandwich, adding all the fun toppings and picking out the biggest pickle for myself :).  To be honest I still love it and I still pick out the biggest pickle, too.  It was sooo good!  Simple but delicious.

If you would like to make my super hoagie…

Here’s what you need:

1/2 lb of roast beef

1/2 lb of black forest ham

1/2 lb of roasted turkey

1/2 lb of colby jack cheese

mustard and/or mayo



dill pickles (I have found Nathan’s to be the absolute best!)

good quality bun (I got ours from the bakery section of our local grocer)

Here’s what you do:

Load up your bun with delicious meats, cheese, lettuce and tomato.  Finish off your sandwich with condiments of your choice.  Myself, I am a simple straight mustard gal.  The final touch is a good dill pickle half.

Though this sandwich may not bring about fond memories of childhood like it does for me, it is one really good meal.  Fun, simple and easy.  My three favorites when it comes to weekend dinners :).

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Go and Create!



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