Easter Time!

Easter is almost here! I am so excited because with Easter comes spring and I REALLY can’t wait for spring! These beauties decided to make an early appearance in my flower bed!


Feeling the need to be crafty, I decided to upgrade Avery’s Easter basket. I wanted something that would last the test of time and a toddler. Here’s what I came up with.


This is a super simple project that you can do in less than an hour. If you would like to make your own pretty Easter pail…

Here’s what you need:


a colored metal pail
vinyl letters 2″ or a size that works for your pail
plain vinyl sheet
1 1/2 in circle paper punch
ribbon of choice (I picked three different patterns/colors and textures)


*To make the dots I used the paper punch and the plain vinyl sheet. The first two did not come out too good but I got the hang of it after that. You may have to trim the circles after cutting because the vinyl can stretch.

The directions are so simple. Stick the vinyl stickers where ever you want them. Apply the dots (cut some in half to put at the edges of the bucket). Tie your ribbon to the handle and presto you have a pail worthy of the name Easter!

I hope your Easter is full of family and fun!

Go and Create!




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