SMASHing Darling


Ok so I have to make a confession…I am addicted to the SMASH book line.  If you don’t know what SMASH books are all you need to do is a quick google search and you will find tons of information on the new scrapbook/journal phenomenon that has taken the crafting world by storm.  I have a board dedicated to it on my Pinterest account!  I told you I am hooked.  I am a former scrapbooker.  I got into it when I started teaching.  I loved it.  It was a wonderful creative outlet.  However, it was a lot of work and a lot of money.  And once my little Avie came a long, I had to turn my craft room into the babies room.  What is the old adage? Out of sight, out of mind?  Yep.  When I started to see the new SMASH line come out I figured I would go check it out.  That is all I needed to do.  All the pages coordinated and it was placed neatly in a book for me.  The embellishments are inexpensive and great for all the odd stuff you might accumulate on trips or just in life.  I work on my book a page here, a page there.  When summer hits and school is out I know that I will have more time to give to my SMASH journal.  Here are a few of the pages I have done so far.



Inside cover page.  I still haven’t finished the back of it.



I am planting my first veggie garden this year.  So I did a garden page.  The blank spot will hold the pictures of the garden at its various stages 🙂





I made a Shutterfly book of Avery’s first beach vacation, but I had a few pictures I had printed and decided to make a vacation spread.

I am loving this journal/memory book.  It lets me get creative and expand my skills.  I have gotten into watercolors and background painting.  I am practicing before I actually do it in my book.  I am a perfectionist.  I have already gotten my friends hooked on SMASH books!  How about you?  Any SMASHers out there?

Have you smashed lately?



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