Getting Ready for Christmas

I LOVE this time of year!!!!!  The songs, the lights and just the general joy of the season.

We kicked off our Christmas season by going to see Christmas lights!  I got some cute ones of Avery next to some snowflake lights.





She also got to meet Rudolph!



She also decided that snow was a food group.



It was cold but such a fun family time.


Despite his participation in the Christmas light activity, my husband can be such a bahumbug sometimes.  He hates the commercial side of Christmas and well the shopping.  I choose to look at the wonder and magic that comes with Christmas.  I want to instill this in Avery too.  Soooo… I made her a fun, interactive Advent Calendar.



This is so quick and easy!  I got it done in an hour.  I got the frame, clothes pins and tags from Hobby Lobby.  The frame was literally just the frame, no backing or glass.  I didn’t have to deconstruct anything and this really saved time.  I already had all the stickers and jute in my stash.  I used my staple gun to attach the jute to the back of the frame.  Easy, peasy.

On the back of each tag, I wrote an activity that will help us enjoy the best of the season while still remembering why we celebrate Christmas to begin with.  Today being the first of December, Avery got to pull the first tag.  It said to build a snowman.  Since we had a snow storm last week I thought this would be perfect.  However, the weather warmed and the thick covering of snow that graced our lawn for days has disappeared.  So we went with plan B.


A cotton ball snowman.  She was sooo excited when he was done.  We used sticks from the yard, felt and pulled cotton balls.  Cute and simple and I had all the supplies on hand!

This Advent Calendar is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s tag!

I hope your Christmas season is off to a great start!

Go and Create!



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